COVID-19 Response

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has upended our business, our families and our lives. Every day, we experience profound impacts on the way we do business and interact as a community. These impacts have a broad reach and have left many industries adrift without a response to the legal consequences that loom in an uncertain future. 

Bullivant Houser's COVID-19 Response is led by the firm's most experienced lawyers—professionals who understand that adapting to tumultuous times is a complex challenge that can have far-reaching effects on our clients' businesses, relationships, and communities. Our experience allows us to quickly synthesize changes to the law at the federal, state, and local levels to present a coordinated, cross-disciplinary, and creative response for our clients. We use our understanding to identify effective legal strategies that will position our clients to respond to the changing landscape in a way that will minimize disruption, reduce exposure to future liabilities, and maximize responsiveness. 

Given the wide variety of complex legal issues, our COVID-19 Response practice uses a team approach—bringing together the appropriate mix of senior litigators and business advisors, associates, paralegals and support staff. Our goal is to leave no resources untapped to support our clients with a robust and well-reasoned response to this unprecedented pandemic. 

To keep you informed, we have prepared articles on a variety of topics. Check back regularly for updates on the Resources page in the Advisories section.

Insurers and Self-Insured Businesses

Bullivant Houser's Insurance and Defense Teams are ready and able to assist insurers and self-insured businesses with COVID-19 related issues. 

Bullivant Houser is actively counseling several property insurers regarding COVID-19 Business Interruption claims – not only in our primary states, but nationwide. We are not newcomers to Business Interruption claims – we have been litigating and counseling property insurers on them for decades, including in other mass catastrophe situations. We are well-situated to help insurers respond to the extraordinary scrutiny that the COVID-19 pandemic is placing on triggers of coverage under Business Interruption coverage (including Civil Authority extensions and Communicable Disease broadening endorsements).

Property insurance is not the only arena where COVID-19 is likely to have an impact, however. In the professional liability field, Bullivant Houser attorneys have extensive experience defending professionals in multiple fields, including representing professional liability insurers as coverage counsel. In much the same way, Bullivant Houser's products, casualty defense and coverage attorneys are ready and able to assist Self-Insured Businesses and Insurers with the defense and, for insurers, insurance coverage challenges COVID-19 presents. 

COVID-19 has also been disruptive to construction and development businesses, with additional emergency work as well as slow downs and shutdowns of ongoing practices. Bullivant Houser's surety team stands ready to assist with the challenges COVID-19 presents to sureties. 

Business Law Group

Bullivant Houser's Business Law Group is uniquely situated and ready and able to assist businesses impacted by COVID-19 through various offerings by our team. 

Employment Law. Bullivant Houser is actively counseling businesses concerning COVID-19 employment issues in California, Oregon, and Washington. Bullivant Houser's experienced employment team regularly counsels and litigates employment issues on behalf of employers. Bullivant Houser's employment team monitors COVID-19 legislation and executive orders that impact the employer/employee relationship. We are providing regular updates to our clients on COVID-19 issues and are prepared to assist in triaging any COVID-19 employment issues on behalf of employers in California, Oregon, and Washington. 

Business Law. Bullivant Houser's business law teams are led by experienced lawyers who understand that now, more than ever, our clients' futures may depend on the outcome of a case. Our teams regularly litigate disputes involving breach of contract, landlord tenant, partnership and corporate, fiduciary duty, securities, and intellectual property law. Bullivant Houser's business law teams monitor COVID-19 legislation and executive orders that impact the landlord/tenant relationship, lending and borrowing disputes, and contractual agreements. Bullivant Houser's business law teams understand that our clients need strong and cost-effective advocacy. Our teams work collaboratively to provide the best possible service to our clients. 

Professional Liability. Bullivant Houser's professional liability teams have extensive experience defending clients in a wide range of professional disputes including accountants, attorneys, architects and engineers, directors and officers, insurance agents and brokers, medical, real estate, and financial service professionals. Our teams understand that professional liability litigation takes a personal toll on professionals. Bullivant Houser's professional liability teams are on the forefront of preparedness and are ready with recommendations for reducing your liability and preparing for post-pandemic realities. Our teams work collaboratively with our clients to efficiently resolve professional liability claims.