Environmental, Energy and Regulatory

The highly capable attorneys in Bullivant's Environmental, Energy and Regulatory Group possess depth and breadth of experience but also the seasoned, practical and cost-conscious judgment that sophisticated West Coast clients truly appreciate. Our attorneys stay current on the ever-changing myriad of challenges that arise in environmental regulation, real estate development, construction, facility siting, manufacturing, transportation, and energy exploration and production. In fact, sometimes through litigation our attorneys contribute to that changing landscape. To accommodate multi-jurisdictional issues, many of our attorneys are licensed to practice in several states, and the firm takes pride in carefully evaluating the client's needs to ensure the most productive and qualified team is brought to bear on any situation.

Energy and Manufacturing

Our attorneys are experienced in the unique multi-jurisdictional legal landscape that applies to siting, permitting and operating energy production, distribution or storage facilities, and a wide variety of manufacturing facilities. The firm provides counsel and litigation attorneys to the petroleum industry as well as landowners negotiating oil & gas, wind and hydropower leases. Members of the Environmental, Energy and Regulatory Group are involved in the planning and development of new methods of controlling emissions from new power plants and siting energy facilities in Washington and Oregon, and in federal court litigation over the impact on endangered species of federal hydropower operations on the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

The firm is currently providing valuable problem solving and litigation assistance in large multi-party Superfund or CERCLA cases, as well as in smaller site-assessment, remediation or contamination contribution cases, including those that arise as insurance claims; hazardous waste regulations such as the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA); permitting or enforcement actions under the federal or state Clean Water Act (CWA); Endangered Species Act issues including fish and wildlife consultations, Habitat Conservation Plans and litigation; CWA section 404 wetlands dredge and fill permits; section 10 Rivers and Harbors Act permits; and federal environmental reviews under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Real Estate, Land Use and Zoning

Our attorneys will add value to your project team, starting with project conception and development and through construction, ensuring the client will negotiate the maze of local land use, zoning and permitting regulations to a successful and cost-effective conclusion. Perhaps the firm's success in this area results from the excellent reputation for common sense and integrity its attorneys enjoy with federal, state and local governments, for whom many have previously served. Bullivant attorneys possess particular expertise in monitoring and advising clients on the efforts by local governments to control the social, environmental and natural resource impacts in areas experiencing rapid or sustained growth.


The Bullivant Environmental, Energy and Regulatory Group represents clients involved in surface, marine, air and rail transportation, including Ports and shippers and who must facilitate the movement of goods and people in commerce. Bullivant attorneys are currently providing key strategic, and if necessary, litigation assistance in the effort to balance the air, water and traffic impacts associated with meeting the West Coast's needs for larger and more efficient transportation infrastructure. The operation, improvement and expansion of all transportation modes often trigger reviews or liability for the Clean Air Act, National Environmental Policy Act, Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act.