Fidelity & Surety

Bullivant Houser Bailey has steadily built a reputation as the firm of choice in fidelity and surety cases across the entire Northwest and Alaska.

Nationally, Bullivant enjoys a reputation for successful representation in complex and difficult cases, as well as the routine assignment. Any foray into these specialized fields of practice will soon take you to a case we handled, a book we helped write or a seminar we gave. Whether the problem is a single or multi-project default with performance and payment bond claims and recovery issues, or a straight-forward license or miscellaneous bond claim, Bullivant has the experience to get the job done effectively and efficiently. The same is true regarding coverage or defense of fidelity bond claims. Our experience includes commercial crime policies, financial institution bonds, lender liability, E&O, D&O, and employee dishonesty.

Bullivant's philosophy is to always deliver what you need, when you need it. We are not formbook lawyers. We assume that you come to us for a quality of product that you cannot get elsewhere. We acknowledge that one cannot, by definition, be a broadly based specialist. Thus, when necessary, we draw on the talents of other Bullivant attorneys in related disciplines: bankruptcy, construction, finance, insurance and environmental, as well as others. One of our strengths is this immediately available talent pool of other specialists.