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Bullivant Houser’s Physical Offices Reopened with a 90-day Hybrid Pilot Program

04.04.22 | NEWS

Bullivant Houser’s physical offices in Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco reopened on April 4. It’s been a long two years and we are ready to welcome our employees and clients again in person.

We are immensely proud of the resilience, flexibility, and professionalism of our employees, who have adapted to remote work and remained focused on providing excellent legal services to our clients. We are equally appreciative of the support of our clients and partners. 

We’ve experienced unprecedented changes over the past two years. If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that we have to be flexible, light on our feet, and willing to change course as ever-changing facts and circumstances dictate. Despite the pandemic, we have continued to handle cases and trials remotely and in person and have invested in new conference room technology that enables us to effectively advocate for our clients in today’s virtual courtroom. A significant contributor to the remote work success has been the firm’s effort to ramp up our IT game to equip everyone to work dynamically. 

The firm management team has spent many months evaluating what our return to the office will look like. We have continually focused on several key factors, including the safety of our employees, the needs of our clients, and input from all of our employees. 

As a result, we are launching a 90-day Pilot Program that will give everyone an opportunity to ease back into the office and help us evaluate how to create a sustainable work model without sacrificing our strong firm culture and client service. We will seek input from employees and clients to help us develop our post-Covid remote work policy. 

Bullivant Houser is ready for a hybrid legal world and our goal is to continually make ourselves available to our clients in any way that works for them while supporting our employees and maintaining our unique workplace culture.

With gratitude to our valued employees and clients,

Loren Podwill, Firm President

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