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Return to School Brings New Allegations and Lawsuits Over Bullying, Cyberbullying, Harassment, and Hazing

11.11.20 | INSIGHTS

By Leta E. Gorman
Of Counsel, Portland Office, 503.499.4634

Students are back to school. With students spending more and more time online, we are seeing more and more cyberbullying. Cyberbullies use the internet to attack people with words resulting in unwanted sexual intimidation or harassment. Cyberbullies threaten physical harm and cause emotional harm. Unfortunately, cyberbullying can sometimes cause the victim to take his or her life. 

In the traditional physical classroom, we continue to see ongoing bullying and harassment. Students are harassed and bullied based on their gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, attire, who they are friends with and who they are dating (among other reasons). Students are not the only bullies – coaches and teachers bully too. Bullying and harassment at school can cause both physical and emotional harm and can also cause the victim to take his or her life.

At the university level, incidents of sexual harassment, alcohol poisoning, hazing and/or death are reported on an almost daily basis. These tragic events are not limited to fraternities and sororities – they happen all over campus and on campuses all over the United States.

With the return to school, we are seeing more and more lawsuits being filed involving allegations of cyberbullying, bullying, harassment, sexual intimidation/assault, hazing, and alcohol poisoning. 

Bullivant Houser has the expertise and experience to help you handle claims against students, parents, fraternities, sororities, and schools if you or your child has suffered from the words or actions of others. Leta Gorman has handled matters involving allegations of bullying, hazing, harassment, alcohol poisoning, and sexual assault all over the United States. 

There are strict timelines to pursue claims against any public entity. If you have a question about how to proceed if you or your child has suffered, please contact Leta Gorman at moc.tnavillub@namrog.atel or 503-499-4634.

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