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Associate Mentoring Cohort Program

07.13.22 | NEWS

Over the last several months, Bullivant Houser has been working with Glassman Coaching + Consulting to design our new Associate Mentoring Cohort Program. We recently launched this voluntary program with the intent to support the continued development of our Associates and their sense of connection to each other and the firm.

The Mentoring Cohort Program is an innovative approach to mentoring that focuses on the individual needs and interests of each Associate. Associates are grouped into small cohorts with four to six other associates organized by interest area. Each cohort is then paired with a senior attorney at the firm who will act as a group facilitator.

The groups will meet regularly, as a full cohort, and also have individual access to their facilitators, who have received facilitator training. Each cohort will create its own meeting schedule and format, with a focus on providing support to the Associates in a manner and on the topics most important to them. The Mentoring Cohort Program will run on a one-year cycle and, at year-end, new cohorts will be formed. This allows for participation based on the needs and capacity of both the Associates and facilitators and will ensure greater engagement in the program.

In this inaugural year, we will have four cohorts of associates, led by Lloyd Bernstein, Matt Casey, Lorianne Hanson, and Jackie Mitchson, all of whom were recommended to serve as facilitators by our Associates.

We would like to especially thank Jackie Mitchson and Owen Mooney for contributing significant time and energy to the design and launch of this program. We are excited to share it with you and optimistic that it will offer meaningful support and value to all of our Associates.

Loren Podwill, Firm President

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