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Protecting A Professional Practice and Reputation

Healthcare providers serve a critical role in our society, but allegations of medical negligence have the potential to destroy their practices. Healthcare providers and their insurers trust Bullivant Houser to build the strongest defenses possible because we understand the unique issues facing providers and have been down this road many times.

A complaint against a physician with the Department of Health can result in a fine, censure or loss of license. We recognize the value of reputation and what is at stake. Our goals are to investigate and defend against the substantive claims, minimize the potential impact, and help physicians secure their licenses and protect their reputations.

Medical groups and doctors also turn to us for counsel directly when a complaint from a patient has not yet materialized into a lawsuit. We navigate them through this stressful period to prevent issues from escalating; help them compartmentalize emotion, fear, and facts; and advise them on risk management strategies moving forward.

Professionals and their liability insurance providers continue to rely on us

Healthcare providers retain Bullivant to dig into a case and identify the key issues, risks, likelihood of success at trial and, in the right circumstances, provide recommendations for settlement. Our team plays a vital role in investigating claims, formulating effective defenses, responding to requests for information and documentation, and asking the right questions to develop a strategic game plan.

Advocating for the health care providers no matter the challenge

Our clients lean on us for support throughout this challenging process. We stand ready to respond to their concerns, and keep them and their insurers advised and engaged along the way. Our team includes trained mediators and a registered nurse fluent in medical terminology. Together, we are able to apply additional sets of lenses to evaluate a case fairly and accurately. Although we are confident, competent and experienced trial advocates, we explore other forms of dispute resolution to resolve medical negligence lawsuits short of going to trial.

A nimble and mighty team armed and ready to take a medical malpractice case to trial
Bullivant’s West Coast team of seasoned trial attorneys has successfully taken numerous medical malpractice claims through the trenches of trial to achieve defense verdicts. We mobilize a deep bench, tap decades of experience trying cases and apply a unique understanding of the mechanics of this specific kind of litigation. We know how to identify and address the unique issues facing healthcare providers suddenly finding themselves embroiled in litigation. Our team thoroughly analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of each case, researches and retains the best available experts, and ensures that our clients are fully prepared to testify confidently at trial.

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