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Employment Counseling & Litigation

Supporting employers with the right tools and strategies to prevent or resolve litigation

Bullivant Houser’s Employment Law attorneys bring decades of experience working closely with public and private employers across the West and nationally to help human resources teams and business owners troubleshoot issues when they arise. Recognizing that employers are having to adapt quickly to ever-evolving federal and state regulations, we set them up with strategies to avoid lawsuits, provide guidance on policies, and defend successfully when litigation ensues.

Counseling on day-to-day issues

Employers turn to us for advice on questions that come up around employee documentation, discipline, and discharge. We help them assess their issue and resolve it quickly to avoid a bigger problem down the road. They rely on us to respond to demands and BOLI or EEOC complaints, do a risk analysis, and explore early resolution where possible. We also assist with policy review to ensure legal compliance. Our goal is to prevent unnecessary litigation while placing an employer in the best possible strategic position if litigation occurs.

Employment litigation, dispute resolution, and arbitration

When our clients are faced with litigation, we gather as much information as possible to present the strengths and weaknesses of their case and layout the best course of action to minimize their exposure. Our attorneys have a successful track record of resolving cases for reasonable value as well as court victories.  We have extensive experience defending claims involving alleged discrimination (age, gender, disability, religion), wrongful termination, wage and hour, whistleblower, breach of contract, including non-compete agreements, sexual and other harassment. Our lawyers are experienced in both class and collective action litigation.

Training for supervisors, managers, and staff

Our employment lawyers provide legally mandated training on sexual harassment and other workplace topics to employees, including advanced training for supervisors and managers, to educate and minimize the likelihood of complaints. We conduct workshops and seminars on day-to-day management skills, including recognizing and handling issues of discrimination, harassment, ill and injured workers, and discipline and evaluation.

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