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Long history of defending the largest transportation companies in the country facing disputes in the West

When a transportation company experiences an accident or loss, Bullivant Houser’s transportation attorneys act quickly to guide them through it. Our team brings decades of broad experience in cargo and transportation law, advising carriers, NVOCCs, freight forwarders, transportation brokers, couriers and warehouse operators, both directly and through underwriters on issues across Western states. We have significant experience handling matters involving intrastate, interstate and international transportation for all modes of transportation – truck, bus, rail, air and sea. Our team has also worked with many clients to draft their transportation agreements, bills of lading, waybills, warehouse receipts and similar documents.

With a rapid response model, we are proactive and bring extensive expertise in catastrophic loss cases. Our team heads directly to the scene of an accident to advise the driver or operator, interface with police, expertly document the scene and meet with reconstruction experts. Our goal is to preserve evidence and protect our clients. We’re better prepared to respond to claims and are ahead of the curve if litigation ensues. We have significant knowledge and understanding of the many technical aspects relating to commercial vehicles, the intricacies of these types of cases and the regulations that affect our transportation industry clients.

While we help our clients make the best possible decision about resolving disputes outside of court, we will vigorously defend against unreasonable or questionable claims to protect their business. Bullivant’s transportation lawyers successfully litigate disputes in state and federal courts, and our international experience and wide network of counsel enable us to identify particularly favorable (or unfavorable) jurisdictions, maximizing results for our clients. 

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