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Civil Regulatory Investigation

Defending reputation through skillful analysis, advocacy and negotiation

Whether it’s a professional board, a division of the Department of Justice, the SEC or any regulatory body that starts an investigation, Bullivant Houser brings the expertise to vigorously defend the targeted company, person or entity that is accused of wrongdoing. Our team has worked on many high-profile matters and recognizes the magnitude and scrutiny of these potentially damaging cases. We know how to support our clients through tough, and often lengthy, investigations including managing the flow of information with the goal of preserving their rights and reputation. Sometimes working behind the scenes as partners for our clients, we look out for their best interest, provide the resources they need and help them maintain their relationships.

Our clients are oftentimes companies that have contracts with a state agency and are accused of violating contracting rules. Sometimes our client is a foreign company in another state doing business on the West Coast that gets caught up in a regulatory matter. It can also be a person or entity involved in one or more government agencies who is accused of misconduct.

Established rapport with regulatory bodies

A key to our success has been understanding the nuances in these types of matters and developing relationships with regulatory bodies, including the board of accountancy, medical and pharmacy boards, architects and engineers board, and the department of consumer and business services. We bring experience defending clients when the Department of Justice brings False Claims Act claims that can result in litigation.

Bullivant has routinely handled litigation involving these issues over several decades with respect and candor. We have developed good relationships and rapport with regulatory bodies and work cooperatively with government agencies to advocate most effectively for our clients and negotiate a successful resolution.

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Civil Regulatory Investigation
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