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Leading the Way: Loren Podwill Assumes Role as ABA TIPS Chair

08.09.23 | NEWS

We are thrilled to announce that Bullivant Houser President, Loren Podwill, was sworn in as the 2023-2024 Chair of the American Bar Association (ABA) Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section (TIPS) over the weekend. With this prestigious appointment, Loren will have the opportunity to lead TIPS and its 10,000+ members while contributing to the future of the legal community.

Loren has expressed a clear vision for his time as Chair. With the theme “TIPS: The Next Generation,” he aims to address the evolving landscape of the legal profession. As lawyers, the market, and lawyer involvement continue to change, TIPS leadership knows it is essential for the section to adapt and meet the goals and needs of its members, both existing and new. He plans to focus on facilitating the transition of the section, fostering engagement with young leaders, and ensuring a successful succession planning process. Just as a law firm requires institutional knowledge and succession planning, Loren aims to harness the expertise of prior TIPS chairs by inviting them to serve as special liaisons to the 32 TIPS General Committees. This collaborative approach will provide a valuable resource for young leaders, enabling them to receive guidance and support from experienced professionals when needed.

Loren’s previous involvement with TIPS has opened doors for him and the firm throughout his career. Through speaking engagements, writing opportunities, and networking with lawyers and clients from across the country, lifelong friendships and business connections have been developed. These experiences have not only provided personal satisfaction to our TIPS members and leaders, but have also enriched our team’s legal practice.

As we celebrate Loren’s new role, it is important to recognize and thank past Bullivant attorneys who served as TIPS Chairs, Doug Houser and Dianne Dailey, for their contributions to both. Their commitment and dedication have helped pave the way for the success of TIPS. The support of the entire Bullivant Houser team has played a vital role in fostering this involvement.

At Bullivant Houser, we are immensely proud of Loren’s appointment as the 2023-2024 ABA TIPS Chair. We are confident that his leadership and vision will strengthen TIPS and contribute to the future of our legal community. Through his dedication to service, Loren exemplifies our firm’s values and commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of our clients, colleagues, and communities.

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