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Managing the Case of a Lifetime: How to Survive and Prosper Without Imperiling Your Sanity, Personal and Client Relationships, and the Self-Insured Retention on Your E&O Policy

05.20.10 | INSIGHTS

By Andrew B. Downs
Shareholder, San Francisco 415.352.2716

May, 2010
By Andrew B. Downs
60 Fed’n Def. & Corp. Couns. Q.97

If it has not already occurred, at some time in the future you may suddenly receive the “case of a lifetime.” Both a blessing and a curse, the case will be both profitable and all consuming of both your time and your firm’s resources. If left uncontrolled and unmanaged, this “blessing” can ruin your sanity, your relationships with your family, co-workers, and other clients. The case, and the resulting stress, can swallow your practice and leave you at risk of being accused of malpractice not only in that case, but in your other cases as well.

Fortunately, you can control and manage this case, and you can thrive. In this article, we hope to offer you some help in doing so. We first provide factors to help you determine whether a case really is the “case of a lifetime.” We then offer guidance on managing both your overall practice and the case itself. Finally, we consider the case of a lifetime from an insurer’s perspective, including advice on using defensive discovery practices that may be necessary if an insured initiates a bad faith claim as a result of the insurer’s handling of the case.

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